New York Obituaries

If you are wondering where you can find New York obituaries, you should know that you can find death notices on the New York Times. However, although obituaries are published on the printed version of the newspaper, we just don't know if they can be found on the online edition of the country's most respected news organization.

But all isn't hopeless, though, because if you can't find them on paper, you can still find them online. This is because there are websites like and put them on their website. It is highly like the people behind it take the obituaries on the printed version of the New York Times and upload the information online.

If you're wondering about someone whom you haven't heard from in a long time, take a look at the obituaries. Don't worry about sounding morbid, the fact about life is that there are only two things constant in it: death and taxes. So don't worry about it. You are not making a death wish if you want to make sure someone is still alive by discounting the possibility of death.

If you do find that a friend has, indeed, passed away, you can easily send flowers by clicking on the send flower button which you will find on a person's obituary page.

Certainly, Legacy is not the only website that features obituaries not just in New York but across the country. You can search for these websites on Google, and when you find them, go take a look at the obituaries. Most of the time, they are organized by city and state. So if you know the address of the friend you are wondering about, just go to the area on the website. Don't forget to send flowers.