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Search Obituaries


Where to Find Obituaries?

Most people do know where to find obituaries. A lot of newspapers do not publish obituaries anymore. You are left wondering where you can find obituaries. It is easy to find obituaries, but you have to know where to look.

An obituary announces the death of a person. It describes the person's life. And it contains a list of family members.

Obituaries are great for genealogists and family tree. Why? Because they contain clues about the family of the deceased.

Here's where to find obituaries.

Public Library

Do you live the same area as the deceased person? If so, check out your local library. Libraries subscribe to regional and local newspapers. They keep hard copies.

Ask the librarian to help you find an obituary that was published several years ago. You will find what you are searching for in your local library.

Online Obituary Search

Secondly, search for an obituary online, especially if you don't know the deceased. There are large databases that contain newspaper obituaries and death records. Narrow your search down to a specific archive or geographic location. Searching for an obituary online takes time, but you will find what you are searching for.

Old Archived Obituaries

There are databases that keep genealogy free. However, it is hard to find these databases. Most people do not use them. The databases contain all old obituaries.

Searching these databases is free. And they have several years of data. But you must know a little information about the deceased. For example, you just have to know the family name.

You now know where to find obituaries. Check out your local library. Search for the obituaries on the internet. And go through old archived obituaries. The most important thing to know a little bit about the person you are researching. It is hard to find an obituary if you don't know anything about the deceased.