The Perks Of Funny Obituaries

The Perks Of Funny Obituaries

A lot of people assume that obituaries have to be somber. However, there are very few rules when it comes to writing an obituary. Some people don't opt for a traditional obituary. Instead, they remember their loved ones with funny obituaries. Here are a few of the benefits of printing a humorous obituary:

Humor Is A Great Coping Mechanism

It's important to laugh, even if you're mourning someone. Laughter can do a lot to improve your mood and reduce your stress. Studies have shown that it can be a very effective coping mechanism.

You shouldn't be afraid to laugh, even if you're feeling sad. If you create an obituary that will make people chuckle, you may bring those people some relief. If you put together an obituary that's bursting with humor, you'll feel a lot better.

A Funny Obituary Might Be The Best Way To Honor Someone

If someone was always cracking jokes in their life, a silly obituary might be the best way to remember them. Don't assume that you have to avoid humor when you are writing a loved one's obituary. You should choose an obituary that fits them. Come up with a send-off that celebrates that person's life.

Humorous Obituaries Are More Memorable

If an obituary looks exactly like every other obituary in the paper, no one will pay much attention to it. If an obituary is unusual, however, lots of people will read it. Obituaries that are funny are a lot more memorable than the alternative. People will read and share the obituary that you create.

As you can see, there are some definite perks to publishing funny obituaries. If you're preparing to write an obituary, don't rule out humor. It's okay to be funny, even if you are going through a trying time.