The Different Information Included In Public Death Records

What information is contained in a public death record? What makes this type of record one of the most commonly searched for document in all vital US records? If you have never searched for a death record before, you may be surprised to learn about the amount of information found within the record. The record can be highly detailed regarding information on the deceased and their surviving relatives. This article will discuss the different type of information available in public death records.

Below are some of the basic details available in any public death record:

  • The name of the deceased individual
  • The date of the deceased's death
  • The date of the deceased's birth
  • The death notice or obituary
  • The cemetery location or burial details
  • Records of any spouse(s)
  • Records of children and other family members
  • The cause of death
  • The death certificate
  • Any funeral records
  • The genealogy database

While the above are the basic items found in a death record, the exact results discovered will differ based on several factors. For example, various states have different regulations regarding the information being recorded at death. This means that a death record in the state of New York will different to a death record in the state of California.

Another factor that can contribute to what is contained in a death record is where the record is obtained. Various online databases offer records, but they are not all created equally. This means that one database may provide more information than another. Furthermore, one database may be more confidential and accurate than another. The public death records with basic information are often available free of charge, but more detailed information typically requires payment of a fee.

Once you learn what is found in a public death record, you will be able to see the different ways in which you can use the records.