Famous Celebrity Obituaries

There are a lot of famous obituaries that are out there for people to read on the web. They used to not be as widely available as they are now, but the Internet has made them available. You may have even run into leaked photos of celebrity funerals, as they are also all over the web. Many people might not know celebrities personally, but they feel a connection to them through seeing them often in movies, TV and through whatever work they produce.

A famous musician from my childhood died yesterday in London. She was 46. It was a shock to many people. So far, they have just reported that she was found dead in her hotel room. To my knowledge, she didn't have a problem with drugs, but of course, what do I know. What has been widely reported, however, is that she was ill last year. Furthermore, she has suffered from depression, and had moved back to Ireland after divorcing from her husband and giving up the Canadian family dream so to speak.

Prior to divorcing her husband, she had reunited with her band, The Cranberries. It is sad to hear of her death. She was still making music at the time of her death, and she had sent out a tweet recently that she was doing good and felt good. In the coming days, more details will be released. Her obituary will be one that people are searching online when it comes to famous obituaries, too.

Some celebrities lead more private lives, and so it is harder to find information on them than it is for others. The family of the lead singer of The Cranberries has asked for privacy right now. It is hard for celebrities and their families to get privacy, especially with the web, but they try.