Search Obituaries

How To Search Obituaries

To search obituaries, all you have to do is search for the name of the deceased person and the city in which they lived. The search engines will automatically populate results for local news outlets in your city. You can also search specific names and a city to pull up an obituary. I do this all the time.

One thing I do is to pull up obituaries. I no longer live there, but I search the city name and obituaries to see if anyone has passed away. That may sound a little morbid, but I know many older people. Life moves quickly, and I have lived in four different cities. My home is South Carolina. I also search obituaries in Farmington and Mayfield KY. I don't search obituaries in Murfreesboro, Tennessee because I was a college student there and mostly around younger people.

One more thing I do from time to time is I look up a particular obituary. The family I moved to South Carolina with lost their son. We aren't blood related, but we are family in the greatest sense of the word. They miss him so much, and so do I. I pull up his obituary from time to time to read it and look at his picture again.

Now you know how to search obituaries online. All you do is search a specific name or city along with the word obituaries. Out of the results, you will find certain sources that are better than others for getting the most information. Google remembers what you search, so you will be able to go to the same result again to check updated obituaries if you search again in the future. Remember, all you do is type in the city name and obituaries or a person's name and obituaries. For example, you can type 'obituaries.'